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Sighting of a famous Roblox hacker

I'm just a normal Roblox user named a1exzoo, and here is a sighting of a red, hacker who hacked Roblox on the April 1, 2012. So it all started when I look at my places, and find someone is there. so I enter the server and see... 0_C00lkid! So then he started talking and said " Oh, Hi owner!" I replied "hi." and I thought, Should I friend him? Then, a user named C0blok joined the server. I friended the 2 users but 0_C00kid said that C0blok was his other account. The following day, 0_ C00lkid were playing fencing, a game by a famous developer, Stickmasterluke. Then the hackers where doing suspicious stuff like flying but no gear types were allowed. Then they met a hacker who looked like a noob and not a bacon hair. They were speaking Spanish, and I don't speak Spanish. Months pass and the hacker is inactive. The only person who was active was C0blok. He told me "I'm not 0_C00lkid." Although I don't know who is telling or if he is telling the truth, I'll probably never know. Last, I noticed 0_C00lkid changed his avatar. I asked him why but, he never replied. That might be a warning that he might hack us again like he did on April fool's day. The end

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